Devs who do good work deserve recognition. Skillary makes it easy to help them shine.

Summarizing your devs’ accomplishments is challenging and time intensive. Skillary generates polished brag sheets that show your devs’ true impact. 🥳

Skillary’s brag sheets provide a holistic view of a dev's accomplishments and contributions, automatically.

Recency bias and busy schedules make preparing for performance reviews, promotions and alignment meetings a frantically imperfect endeavor. Skillary empowers you to save time and ensure that all of a dev's accomplishments and great work are recognized.

Monthly, quarterly, annual, and arbitrary timeframes.

Do you want to see both the quarterly and annual set of accomplishments for your team? Skillary has built-in timeframes and also supports arbitrary periods, giving you the most flexibility when building brag sheets.

Best practice-based templates drive success.

Stop spending time hand creating brag sheets from scratch. Skillary’s brag sheets are automatically generated based on proven best practices that accelerate career development and make devs feel appreciated.

Team insights enhance visibility and impact throughout an org.

Skillary’s team view provides a cohesive narrative of your devs' contributions as a whole - enabling you to not only better connect and support them, but articulate the team’s impact across your org.


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