Devs who do good work deserve recognition. Skillary makes it easy to help them shine.

It's far too easy to forget to recognize your team's accomplishments. With Skillary, you'll never miss a chance to celebrate each and every developer. 🥳

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Let Skillary do the work for you.

Our bots work 24x7 to find the most important highlights and accomplishments for your team. Get ready for managerial super-powers!

Create rich and beautiful reports for that next promotion, raise, or review.

Automatically keep track of accomplishments and remove recency bias.

All too often we only look at recent accomplishments when doing performance reviews or promotions. Managers are left to scramble at the end of a cycle to find all of the great work their team has done.

Dynamic timeframes

Monthly, quarterly, annual, and arbitrary timeframes.

Do you want to see both the quarterly and annual set of accomplishments for your team? Skillary has built-in timeframes and also supports arbitrary periods, giving you the most flexibility when building brag-sheets.

Multiple GitHub and Slack organizations

Connect as many or as few of your organizations together.

Most products limit how many external organizations can be hooked up to their internal organization. Skillary supports an arbitrary number of GitHub orgs and Slack teams, giving you the flexibility you need for large and mid-size businesses.

Brag-sheet templates

Professionally built and customized templates for every need.

Hit the ground running with one of our pre-built templates for your next promotion, compensation adjustment, or title change. You can customize each template and build your own private template library to reuse for others on your team.

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Make the most out of every single accomplishment. Let Skillary help you celebrate your developers for the great work they do!

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Loved by engineering teams worldwide.

Feel confident knowing that you'll never miss another opportunity to call out a new accomplishment for your team. You no longer have to spend hours looking through GitHub for a person's most celebrated PR, or Slack for that one message that everyone cheered. And at performance review time, you'll have your whole team's accomplishments nicely organized and at hand.

    • Holy moly is this helpful! Skillary reminded me of no less than 2 dozen accomplishments that I would have otherwise missed an opportunity to celebrate.

      Ron Howards
      COP at
    • Is it too much if I tell you I'll never not use Skillary?

      Benji Franks
      VPE at
    • Skillary is my VPE's secret weapon

      Steve Jerbs
      CEO at
    • Skillary's Slack notifications of a new accomplishment is game-changing for my team.

      Marks Uckerbørg
      Eng. Manager at Disney
    • Skillary improved our developer happiness by 120x!

      Lin U. Ex
      Director of Eng. at
    • What, you're not using Skillary yet? After last quarter, every engineering manager at my company swears by it.

      Sar Castish
      CTO at GimmeNoodles, Inc.

Simple pricing, for every team.

We've got a plan that will fit your needs.


Perfect for 1 or 2 small teams.


  • Connect 1 GitHub Organization
  • Connect 1 Slack Team
  • 5 Developers
  • 6 months of historical data
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Ideal for teams of 20 - 60 engineers. Good for small/medium sized businesses.


  • Connect 2 GitHub Organizations
  • Connect 1 Slack Team
  • 15 Developers
  • 1 year of historical data
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For large and enterprise organizations with 100s of engineers and dozens of teams.


  • Unlimited GitHub Organization
  • Unlimited Slack Team
  • 100 Developers
  • 2+ years of historical data
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